2 A.m. Shimmer

For all you folks who went home at normal times last night, you missed traveling in a quiet wonder of shimmering frosty trees and bushes. I still feel a little warm and fuzzy looking at these exquisitely beautiful branches on the tree near my home.

I am not a fan of winter with its bitter cold, endless snow and treacherous ice, but even I can admire its beauty sometimes, especially in those times when, for a short while, everything glistens, and nothing matters except that. It’s the equivalent of a gorgeous sunset, I guess, except bigger, because the sun only sets in the West. Frost settles everywhere.

It takes me about five minutes to drive from the Pioneer to my place near downtown Bemidji. It was a really pretty drive, from the Industrial Park, down Paul Bunyan Drive, along Lake Bemidji, and through downtown, and finally to my parking lot, where I took a bunch of photos. (I hope the neighbors didn’t notice flashing lights in their windows!)

I suppose the shimmer was still there this morning when some early risers got ready to meet the day. As a night owl, I don’t get to see that very often. I have often said I’d like to be able to sleep four hours a night, from 4 a.m. to 8 a.m. Enjoying both the wee hours and the break of day would be a great combination!

My little point-and-shoot doesn’t do this sunset justice, but I got out of the car to take this photo looking west on Highway 2 just outside of Crookston early Sunday evening. (As you can probably tell, my attempt to leave Crookston in time to get home before dark failed. It was dark by the time I hit Erskine.)

— Laurie

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