Zombies Turning Out In Bemidji: PDF (Oct. 2010 Story In Bemidji Pioneer)

This newspaper story, which won first place in the Arts & Entertainment category of the Minnesota Newspaper Association’s Better Newspaper Contest, is no longer online, so I’m placing it here as a PDF for now. Zombies turning out in Bemidji

I’m Sad About Robin Williams

I was driving down a freeway, alone, when I heard of the death of Robin Williams. A flash of foreboding hit me when I heard his name on the radio. Then I gasped when I heard “has died” and gasped again when I heard that it was an apparent suicide. It was a somber drive…
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Relay For Life Honorary Chair Jim Ferden Focuses On Hope

When cancer survivor Jim Ferden gets the chance to talk to a person who has been diagnosed with cancer, his message is one of hope. “It’s not a death sentence by any means,” he said, adding that a positive attitude is important. “Every day, they’re making progress.” Ferden, 52, will serve as honorary chair for…
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Neighbors’ Fun Helps Fight Cancer Through Relay For Life

A group of Union Lake neighbors has put fun and fundraising together in the fight against cancer. The neighbors gather every spring for a party at the home of Gary and Maxine Walter, where they take part in an auction whose proceeds go to the East Polk County Relay for Life, as a donation to…
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Remembering Brad Swenson, One Year Later

One year ago today, I walked into Brad Swenson’s apartment and found him dead, still in bed, at the age of 57. There was no indication he knew what was happening; he was lying on his back, his sleep apnea mask still on his face. If he had been in distress, he would have pushed…
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